All health care workers should use Scrubs to protect their skin and prevent contamination of clothing with blood and secretions. Scrubs should be collared. Scrubs should be waterproof.

Glasses and face shields


Glasses and face shields should be used when there is a possibility of spraying the discharge into the eyes and face while caring for the patient.


Latex gloves

Nitrile gloves


They are very durable and flexible, but their biggest problem is that some people are allergic to latex. 

Vinyl gloves: Unlike latex gloves, they do not stick to people’s hands, but they do not have high tactical accuracy compared to latex gloves. 

medical masks

N95 mask 

N95 mask

Foot protector




It has two types: filtered and unfiltered. Filtered mask is easier to breathe in different types of filters. FFP filters include the following types: 

FFP1: Suitable for particles larger than 5 microns and has 80% filtration. 

FFP2: Suitable for particles between 2 and 5 microns and has 94% filtration. 

FFP3: Suitable for particles smaller than 2 microns and has 99% filtration.  

Terms and conditions of the delivery of the order will be confirmed by the person ordering before submission. 

Terms of return: 

It is not possible to return the goods for bulk orders. 

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