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Vienna Office: Billrotstraße 75 stiege1Tür4

Ceo : Dr.Mehdi Firoozfar

Tell: 00436604111855

Email: info@amdent.at

Email: Ceo@amdent.at

China Office:China,Zhejiang,yiwu city,futian building,509


Chinese office members:


Mr.Kiani Tehrani

Mrs.Firoozfar .

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Amdent Company has a brilliant history in providing individual protective equipment in the medical group. This company is proud to meet the needs of different companies and its various colleagues with the initiative and specialized knowledge of the day and continuous innovations in the field of supplying different products.

We are proud that the result of these efforts has been attended by companies active in the field of medicine and dentistry. Our objective is to provide you with the best price by creating a complete and full collection of top quality products.

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The objective of our company is to provide high quality individual protective medical and dental products (PPE), allowing all medical groups to experience the best equipments at reasonable prices around the world. We provide individual protection products for medical and dental companies, hospitals and clinics. We supply all over the world. 

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Tell: 00436604111855

Billrotstraße 75 stiege1Tür4